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The wreckage of the US F-35 lost in the sky has been recovered

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  • 19 September, 2023 11:41:57

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International Desk: The wreckage of a US F-35 fighter jet has been recovered a day after it went missing in mid-air. The US military says it has found the wreckage of an F-35 fighter jet that crashed in South Carolina. Earlier, the military asked for the help of the common people to find this fighter jet that was lost in mid-air.

Reuters reported this information in a report on Tuesday (September 19). The US military says it has finally located the wreckage of the F-35 fighter jet that crashed in South Carolina on Monday. However, the pilot ejected from the aircraft before it disappeared. But later the plane was never found. The incident happened on Sunday afternoon local time and the fighter jet was flying in the sky of the southern state of South Carolina during the incident.

After the state-of-the-art fighter plane went missing, the authorities sought the public's help in locating it. U.S. military officials say you either find the missing multimillion-dollar plane or report the crash site. "If you have any information that could help our rescue teams identify the missing F-35, please contact Bayes Defense," said a post from Joint Base on social media platform X asking Charleston locals for help in locating the missing aircraft. Call the operations center.

A day later, on Monday, the wreckage of the missing fighter jet was found. A post from the military base on social media platform X said, "Employees from Joint Base Charleston and MCAB BeaufortSC, in coordination with local authorities, located a wreckage in Williamsburg County.

The wreck was discovered about two hours northeast of Joint Base Charleston. The F-35 fighter jet is one of the most advanced fighter jets in the world, and each of these planes manufactured by Lockheed Martin costs about 80 million US dollars, according to a report by the news agency AFP.

Besides, according to the manufacturer Lockheed Martin, the main advantage of this state-of-the-art fighter jet is that it is almost impossible to track with radar and is packed with advanced sensors and other gear.

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