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This year, 750 deaths due to dengue

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  • 13 September, 2023 17:10:10

News Desk:  In the last 24 hours, 11 more people have died across the country due to the upward trend of the Aedes mosquito-borne disease dengue infection. With this, the death toll due to dengue this year has reached seven hundred and fifty (752). In addition, two thousand 956 people were newly admitted to the hospital in the last 24 hours. In the first 12 days of this month, the number of dengue patients admitted to hospital stood at 30,420. In other words, an average of 2,535 people are admitted to the hospital daily due to Aedes mosquito bites. This information was informed in the dengue report signed by Zahidul Islam, in-charge of the Health Emergency Operation Center and Control Room of the Directorate of Health on Tuesday.

According to the Department of Health, two thousand 956 people were admitted to various public and private hospitals of the country due to dengue infection in 24 hours from Monday 8 am to Tuesday 8 am. Among them, 911 residents of Dhaka and 2 thousand 45 outside Dhaka. At the same time, three of the 11 people who died were from Dhaka and eight from outside Dhaka. From January 1 to September 12 this year, 1 lakh 54 thousand 228 people were admitted to the hospital due to dengue. Among them, 68 thousand 937 people in different hospitals of the capital and 85 thousand 291 people in hospitals outside Dhaka. During the same period of the year, 1 lakh 43 thousand 461 people were discharged from the hospital. Among them, 64 thousand 148 people are residents of Dhaka and 79 thousand 277 people are outside Dhaka.

Dengue outbreak is increasing rapidly this year. In June, 5,956 people were infected with dengue and admitted to the hospital. In July it increased to 43 thousand 854 people.

It increased to 71 thousand 976 people in August. As of the first 12 days of September, 30,420 dengue patients were admitted to the hospital. As per month, 566 people in January, 166 people in February, 111 people in March, 143 people in April, 1 thousand 36 people in May, 5 thousand 956 patients were admitted to the hospital. In terms of deaths, 34 people died across the country in June. There was a jump of 204 in July and 342 in August. Earlier, six people died in January, three in February, two in April and two in May.

In the survey carried out to identify Aedes mosquitoes this year, the experts informed the fear of a dire situation due to the presence of mosquitoes in Dhaka. There is a danger that dengue outbreak will increase further in the future. Almost all of those who died of dengue this year suffered from dengue hemorrhagic fever and died of shock syndrome. In 2022, 62 thousand 382 patients were admitted to hospital due to Aedes mosquito-borne disease. Earlier in 2019, more than 100,000 people in 64 districts of the country were infected with dengue and went to the hospital. Which was the highest number in a year before. Officially, 179 people died that year.


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