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Ways to recognize fake websites

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  • 12 September, 2023 00:33:56

Information Technology Desk: Currently, all the people of the world are connected to the internet and social media. Eight to eighty people are using the internet. Using different websites for different needs. Now from shopping to hospitals, banks, etc., visit the website for various tasks or information.

Those who regularly visit various websites must know one thing, that the website asks for your mail id to enter. Later may inform you about their various facilities and offers. But through this fraudsters can hack your mail id. Can steal personal information.

Scams are spread with the help of fake websites. Although these websites have to look like the real website. Many people cannot recognize real or fake websites. That's when the problem arises. If you know a few tricks, you can easily recognize fake websites-

Check the address bar

Check the address bar of the website you are visiting. If it has 'HTTPS' it means it is a secure website. A site with an 'S' means it is safe, without an 'S' the website should not be visited.

Check the grammar of the website

Also note the URL on the website. Are there any spelling mistakes? If you see a grammatical error in the URL or the sentence is not shown to you in its entirety, or if there is a spelling mistake, the credibility of that website remains in question.

Check About Us and Contact Us

If you are in doubt about a website, check its About Us and Contact Us options. From here you can get to know about the website, the developers of that site and the staff. You can also check the company's LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

Pop-ups and ads

If you see a lot of ads and pop-ups after entering a website, don't click on any of them. Also close the browser. If you don't follow them, you can fall into cyber scams.

Use the online website checker

There are several checker websites online, which verify the authenticity of other sites. From those online checkers, it is known which site is real and which is fake. These checkers can prevent you from falling victim to fraudulent websites.

Source: Hindustan Times


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