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No one born in this country is a minority: Sheikh Hasina

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  • 07 September, 2023 22:50:40

News Desk: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina believes that those who are born in this country, irrespective of their religion, are not minorities. For this reason, the head of government called upon the people of Sanatan religion not to think of themselves as a minority.

He said these things during the exchange of greetings organized on the occasion of Janmashtami at Ganabhaban on Thursday (September 7) noon.

Wishing and congratulating on Janmashtami, the Prime Minister said, the ground of Gana Bhavan has been blessed today. All those who are born on the soil of this country are children and citizens of this soil. Your right is on this land. Why do minorities say themselves?

Sheikh Hasina said, "We do not serve who is Jatiya Party, who is BNP, who is Awami League, who is Hindu, who is Muslim, who is Christian." All blood is red. In the war of liberation, everyone's blood has mixed in one stream. So this country belongs to everyone.

Stating that there is no religious discrimination in the country, the head of government said, evaluation is based on merit, there is no religious consideration here. Bangladesh is a secular country. He said, Awami League has established the rights of people of all religions in this country. The government believes in the principle that religion is one's own festival.

At that time, he criticized BNP and said that Ziaur Rahman had ruined non-communal Bangladesh after coming to power. BNP oppressed the minorities while in power.

The Prime Minister said that the government is working equally for the development of all religions. Just as mosque-based education has been arranged, temple-based education has also been arranged. Hindus go to temples, Muslims go to mosques. All will get primary education.

Sheikh Hasina said, Sri Krincha appeared to nurture the discipline of suppression of evil. The head of government urged to implement that education. He said, the message of all religions is one and the same. Language may vary.

Some people of our country go abroad and malign Bangladesh. Minorities in this country complain that they are being tortured. Sheikh Hasina urged to be careful about them.

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