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Now Microsoft's 28-year-old app is shutting down

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  • 07 September, 2023 22:48:05

Information Technology Desk:  An app that is very familiar to those who regularly write on the desktop is Wordpad. Microsoft will not put this app in their Windows Update this time. Techdunia is improving day by day. New apps are constantly being added there. Along with that, the old app is also being updated. And some apps are disappearing forever.

For 28 years, WordPad has become an almost integral part of Microsoft. Wordpad has been on our computers since Windows 95. Now it's time to put an end to that habit, although Microsoft has not said anything clearly about when WordPad will no longer appear on Windows.

Microsoft has decided to drop it mainly because its usage is less than before. The company will bring new updates in its place. Microsoft Word has been used as an alternative to WordPad for a long time. Besides, users can use Google Docs through Gmail if they want. There is no fear of losing Google Docs even if the machine crashes, so many users now turn to it for their writing needs.

Microsoft also has the old Notepad. But many people don't like to write on notepad. Its usage has also decreased due to the lack of facility to view the word count while typing. Notepad does not have the look and feel of white pages. There are also several other word processing apps. As a result, there will be no impact on the writing rhythm and speed of the users.

Source: Times of India

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