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Junior doctors will conduct health check-ups in schools from September 17

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  • 05 September, 2023 23:15:01

News Desk: From September 17, students' health will be checked by junior doctors in all public and private secondary schools. Will continue till September 23. During these six days, school-to-school health check-up will be conducted through the small doctor.

For this, small doctor teams will be formed with students. This team will check the weight, height and eyesight of the students and bring to the attention of the guide teacher various issues including abnormal physical growth, defects in eyesight.

The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has directed all the field level educational institutions and education officials to successfully implement the health examination program through the junior doctors. A letter has been sent to the district education officials with this instruction from the directorate on Tuesday (September 5).

The directorate informed that according to the decision of the technical committee meeting held on August 17 under the filariasis eradication, deworming and mini doctor program of the health department, it was decided to organize the health examination program of students through mini doctors in all public and private secondary schools from September 17 to 23.

The Directorate of Education says that the upazila secondary education officer, assistant upazila secondary education officer and head teachers have been asked to give the necessary instructions to conduct the health examination program of the students in all public and private educational institutions of the secondary school level from September 17 to 23.

Upazila Secondary Education, the Assistant Upazila Secondary Education Officer will closely supervise the smooth running of the activities in the schools of their respective clusters. All district and upazila officials should closely monitor these activities in schools on the basis of random selection. Teachers should aim to participate spontaneously in both activities. All assistant teachers of the school should be involved in this program.

It is also stated in the instructions that the junior doctor team formed in the health examination will collect the weight, height and visual power of all the students of the class assigned to them and record it in the health examination form. During the health examination, this small doctor team will bring to the attention of the guide teacher the information about the abnormal physical growth of a student, defects in vision or other matters mentioned in the health examination form. The local upazila health officer should provide the information about the health examination program of the students in the table provided by the health department and this matter should be coordinated with the upazila health officer.


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