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3 forest workers kidnapped in Cox's Bazar were rescued after 72 hours

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  • 04 September, 2023 23:10:25

Cox's Bazar Correspondent: Two hundred local residents and half a hundred CPG teams rescued 3 members of the security team after 72 hours of abduction. Monday (September 4) at 1:00 p.m., along the Leda area of ​​Hnila Union of Teknaf Upazila, north of the hill called Taiyub Kata in Gohin Pahar. They were rescued by raiding the mountains.

It is also known that various equipment including firearms left by the miscreants have been recovered. Although the abductees were rescued alive, the abductors subjected them to physical torture. 

The rescued are - Abdul Malek's son Mohammad Shaker (24), deceased Abdul Sukkur's son Abdur Rahim (37) and deceased Baksu Mia's son Abdur Rahman (32). 

According to local residents, relatives of the abducted and concerned administration, three forest guards went missing last Friday while guarding the forest in the nature park. On this day, they were not found even after searching in different places including the mountains. A day later, when they demanded a ransom of 60 lakh on the mobile phone, they found out that they were being held hostage by armed criminals from the hills. The last one was demanding a ransom of 10 lakhs and 30 lakhs.

Meanwhile, local member Mohammad Ali, local residents, forest department and police conducted several raids but failed to rescue him. But without giving up hope, with news from various sources, more than half a hundred members of the Forest Guard or Community Patrol Group (CPG) team and about one and a half hundred people including Damdamia area, police and forest department united and carried out a rescue operation on the hill since morning. Goheen started moving forward following the footprints and various signs on that mountain. At one point around 1:00 p.m., when the miscreants saw the hideout of the miscreants in the north of the mountain called Tayyab Kata, the miscreants attacked before they knew anything, and about 16-18 miscreants fled in that direction. Later, the three abducted persons were rescued from the hideout with their hands and eyes tied.

Local member Mohammad Ali said that three people were rescued unharmed by the tireless operation of police, forest department and local people. If the locals are held hostage like this in the future, strict repression will be done and the miscreants will be destroyed. 

Teknaf Police Station OC (Investigation) Nasir Uddin Majumdar said that the abductees were rescued by raiding the deep hills. He also said that the details will be given in a press briefing in the evening.

It is to be noted that these three members of the CPG forest guard team, residents of Damdamia area of ​​Hnila Union, went missing while guarding the forest of Nature Park last Friday morning.


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