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Recently released 43 BCS account re-verification application 24 candidates

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  • 03 September, 2023 23:32:46

News Desk: Dissatisfied with the results of the 43rd BCS written examination, 24 candidates have applied for re-auditing of their accounts. They also demanded to publish new results.

Last Thursday (August 31), a candidate named Abu Taher filed a written application with the Public Service Commission (PSC) chairman on behalf of 24 people.

In the application, it is said that we are candidates participating in the 43rd BCS written examination. Our written test went quite well and our expected average was much higher than the pass mark. But we did not find our registration number in the written exam result sheet. The news of 10,000 discrepancies in account evaluation of examiners appointed in the 43rd BCS written examination and discrepancy in PSC number input has been published in several online newspapers and print media.

It said, despite PSC's good will, this may happen due to unforeseen circumstances. In the previous 38th BCS, registration 019476 got only 27 marks in English subject despite having very good marks in other subjects appears to be a typographical error. They demanded that the results of the written examination should be re-audited and the results published again.


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