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A campaign on banning plastic polythene and use of eco-friendly materials was held in Tangail

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  • 29 August, 2023 21:14:08

Tangail Representative: A school campaign was held in Tangail on the topic of banning plastic, polythene and encouraging the use of eco-friendly alternative materials. Organized by Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association Bela, the event was organized on Tuesday, August 29 with the ninth and tenth class students of Tangail Shibnath High School. Tangail Sadar Upazila Nirbahi Officer Hasan Bin Ali spoke as the chief guest.

Tangail Shibnath High School Principal Md. Omar Ali presided. Md. Zamir Uddin, Deputy Director of Department of Environment, Tangail, discussed the topic through video footage as a guest. Md. Rashed Khan Menon (Russell), President of Human Rights Review Society, Tangail District Branch, gave a news-based discussion on the environment.

Bela Divisional Coordinator (Tangail) Gautam Chandra Chand introduced the program and explained the purpose of the program. The main theme of this event is "Abandon polythene, save the environment". In the speech of the chief guest, Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Tangail Sadar Hasan Bin Ali said that plastic is a non-perishable material.

There are different types of plastic use in our society, we all have to be aware to prevent the use of this plastic, we have to eliminate plastic by our own initiative. Soil, air and water are being destroyed due to this plastic. If this continues, the balance in the environment will be lost. We should use glass jugs, glass glasses, cloth bags. He urged everyone to be aware of this to protect the balance of the environment. 



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