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Accused sentenced to life in Manikganj murder case arrested after 20 years

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  • 27 August, 2023 17:18:17

Manikganj Correspondent : RAB 4 has arrested Omar Ali, the accused who has been on the run for life under various guises in the sensational and discussed Rubel murder case of Manikganj's Singair Upazila, from Savar Police Station area of ​​Dhaka District. Arrested Omar Ali (66) of Ghajinda Village, Singair Deceased: Son of Soleman. RAB 4 (CPC 3) Manikganj Company Commander Lt. Commander Mohammad Arif Hossain confirmed the matter in a press release on Sunday (August 24) morning. Earlier in the middle of the night based on secret information, a smart joint raid team of RAB 4 conducted an operation in Boliyarpur area under Savar police station of Dhaka district and arrested him. In a press release, RAB said that the preliminary investigation and the details of the incident revealed that the arrested accused Omar Ali and the victim Rubel lived in the same area.

Omar Ali had a dispute with the victim Rubel's father Samshul Haq about the land deposit from earlier. On April 24, 2001, accused Omar Ali quarreled and fought with the victim Rubel and the victim's father Samshul Haq over the cultivation of the land. Accused Umar Ali sustained minor injuries in the scuffle. As a result of the dispute, after finding Rubel alone in the field of one Roshan Ali, the accused Omar Ali and his accomplice Ibrahim, Razzak, Hanif, and unknown 3/4 people, who were coming from the east, killed Rubel with native weapons, tied a sack in the nearby drain and ran away.

The victim's father, Samchul Haque, was unable to find his son and filed a missing diary with the Singair police station. Later, the victim's father Lokmarfat came to know that a body filled with a sack was found in a drain on the south side of the field of Roshan Ali, a resident of Ghajinda Sakin, Dhalia Union under Singair police station. On hearing the news, the victim's father went to the spot and identified the body as that of his son Rubel. Later, when the local people informed the Singair Thana Police, the Singair Thana Police went to the spot and recovered the body from the drain, prepared a report and sent it to Manikganj Sadar Morgue for post-mortem.

In this incident, the victim's father, Samchul Haque Miah, filed a murder case against the defendant Omar Ali and his accomplice Ibrahim, Razzak, Hanif, and 3/4 unknown persons at Singair police station. After the case, accused Omar Ali and his accomplice killers Ibrahim, Razzak and Hanif were arrested by Singair police station. The arrested accused were released on bail after 17 months of imprisonment. Omar Ali went into hiding after being released on bail in the murder case. After the investigation of the case, the investigating officer filed a charge sheet in the learned court accusing Omar Ali, Ibrahim, Razzak and Hanif Ganader.

Later, on the basis of the charge sheet, the learned court conducted the trial of the case and after sufficient evidence and arguments from both sides, the learned District and Sessions Judge of Manikganj district awarded life sentence to the accused Omar Ali in the charge sheet and the other accused Ibrahim, Razzaq and Hanif for the crime of being directly involved in the Rubel murder. Released from The absconding accused Omar Ali has been absconding for the past 20 years since he was released on bail while the case was pending.

RAB 4 (CPC 3) Manikganj Company Commander Lt. Commander Mohammad Arif Hossain said that based on secret information, a joint raid team of RAB 4 arrested him from Savar's Bolyarpur. As the accused was sentenced to life imprisonment, people hid in plain sight to avoid arrest. He ran away to Savar area of ​​Dhaka district to hide himself from the people he knew. For the past 20 years, the accused Omar Ali had been driving rickshaws in hiding with his wife in Ashulia and Savar police stations of Dhaka district. The arrested accused has been handed over to the concerned police station.



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