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It is compulsory to have two computers in schools and colleges

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  • 24 August, 2023 00:00:16

News desk: To strengthen information technology education, it is mandatory to have two computers or laptops with internet connection in all government and private schools and colleges of the country. Those institutions which do not have laptop-computers have to buy them by their own management.

This office order signed by Assistant Director of Secondary and Higher Education Directorate Ziaul Haider Henry has been sent to the heads of all public and private schools and schools and colleges in the country.

It is said that educational institutions which do not have computers or laptops must install two laptops or desktop computers with internet connection by their own management by November 10.

The order also states that under the new curriculum, it is necessary to have computers or digital devices suitable for the use of teachers-students in educational institutions for the practical experience and practical skills of the students of digital technology. Those educational institutions under the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education who do not have computers or devices suitable for use by teachers and students have been instructed to install two laptops or computers or desktops with internet connection under their own management by November 10.

Earlier, on July 23, the Directorate of Madrasa Education had directed to arrange computers with printers from its own funds or with the help of the management committee, local administration or general public for those madrasas that do not have computers. The directorate said that if the Madrasa does not have a computer with a printer, two staff positions of ICT teacher-lecturer and office assistant cannot be appointed.


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