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5 accused students including Chhatra League leader were permanently expelled from the university

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  • 22 August, 2023 23:34:55

Kushtia Correspondent: The authorities have permanently expelled 5 students, including Chhatra League leader Antara, who were involved in the overnight torture of a 1st year student named Phulpari in Islamic University's national treasure Sheikh Hasina Hall. This decision was taken at the emergency syndicate meeting of the university at 4:30 pm on Monday. Acting Registrar AHM Ali Hasan confirmed the matter. The expelled are Sanjida Chowdhury Antara, student of statistics department and expelled vice-president of EB Chhatra League, Halima Akhter Urmi of fine arts department, Israt Jahan Mim of law department, Tabassum Islam and Muabiya Jahan of finance and banking department.

The EB registrar also confirmed that the report on this decision of the EB authorities will be presented to the court on August 23 on behalf of the university. On February 11th and 12th, five students were accused of torturing Phulpari Khatun, a student, in the common room of the university's Deshratna Sheikh Hasina Hall and recording a video. They are Sanjida Chowdhury alias Antara, a student of Statistics Department, Halima Akhtar Urmi of Fine Arts Department, Israt Jahan Mim of Law Department, Tabassum Islam and Muabiya Jahan of Finance and Banking Department.

Among them, Sanjida Chowdhury is the vice-president of the University branch of the Chhatra League and others are associated with the organization. When the news of this incident was published, it was discussed throughout the country. At that time Phulpari made a written complaint to the proctor, principal and student advisor of the university. Lawyer Gazi wrote a writ in the High Court highlighting the incident. Mohsin The High Court bench consisting of Justice JBM Hasan and Justice Raziq Al Jalil accepted the writ and sought a written explanation from the lawyer. In this incident, the High Court gave some instructions to the university authorities in addition to setting up a committee to investigate the incident.

A total of three investigation committees were formed. Of which two university authorities and one committee are formed as per the directions of the High Court. The High Court gave instructions on March 1 to submit the investigation report. Five students were expelled from Islami University for one year on July 15 following the directive. In the light of the report of the inquiry committee of the university authorities and the judicial inquiry committee formed by the High Court, their studentship was canceled for 12 months according to Part-2 Section-8 of the Students' Code of Conduct-1987. Which is the maximum penalty under university law. During this punishment, they will not be able to participate in any activities of the university including class-exams.

The matter was brought to the attention of the court again by the retired lawyer Gazi Md. Mohsin He informed the court that the Disciplinary Committee of the Islamic University had suspended the five students in violation of the relevant procedure. He also told the court that not the disciplinary committee of the university, but the vice-chancellor of the university can punish a student for any crime. Consequently, if the validity of this punishment is challenged in court, it will be nullified. After that, the High Court wanted to know the method by which the five students were temporarily expelled due to torture.

Later, DAG BM Abdur Rafale submitted a compliance report of the Islamic University in the High Court, saying that the five students had been 'punished to the maximum by the disciplinary committee of the Islamic University in accordance with relevant procedures.' Phulpari, the victim student, was in the campus during the meeting to take this decision of the university authorities. Talking to him on the phone, he said, 'I am satisfied with this decision of the EB authorities. But the punished girls are no less influential, I hope that if the authorities keep a watchful eye, they may not be a source of fear for me'. I will be eternally grateful to Sirs'.


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