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This time Google banned 43 apps

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  • 11 August, 2023 22:33:13

Information Technology Desk: One of the greatest blessings of technology in the 21st century is the Android phone. Made life simple and easy. And one of the helpers in that way are various apps. Not just for editing photos or buying products. Now different companies are constantly bringing different types of apps for Android phones with different benefits.

But as this app is making your work easier, it is also stealing your information and giving it to others. Google has banned hundreds of apps at various times due to data theft, phone damage. Google recently removed 43 apps. Not all apps are fake. In these apps, which look like the real thing, there are various scams of hackers. Even these apps are on the phones of billions of users.

Tech giant Google has removed the apps from the Play Store for violating Google's policy. Google complained that the apps loaded ads when the device's screen was off, causing the smartphone's battery to drain faster. Again there were some apps that were stealing user's phone data.

The apps were disguised as various DMB players, music downloaders, news and calendar applications. Once installed on a device, users' information would begin to be stolen.

Google is warning users about downloading apps. Before downloading any app, be careful and don't give the app all access to the phone. Also, they advise not to keep the old app on the phone. Update the app regularly.

Source: The Hindu, Fagen Wassanni Technologies


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