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E-mail verification is being launched on WhatsApp

  • Information Technology
  • 09 August, 2023 01:04:10

IT Desk: WhatsApp is always committed to keeping users' information safe. End-to-end encryption has long been introduced. There is also a chat lock option. Here comes another feature.

Now WhatsApp is used for many official purposes. So privacy and security are very important. Because hackers are everywhere. With that in mind, different times have brought multiple features. This time paying extra attention to security.

E-mail verification is being launched on WhatsApp. That is, the user has to verify the account through e-mail. Although it is not mandatory. One can opt out of e-mail verification. Those who want additional account security can do so.

WhatsApp has said that this feature is currently being worked on. This feature is not coming only for the sake of security. Imagine you have lost your mobile on the road. As a result, logging into old WhatsApp is quite complicated. But you can easily log in to WhatsApp using email. Sometimes OTP doesn't come due to network problem, even in that case you can easily log in to WhatsApp using email.

Earlier it was reported that WhatsApp is working on a feature through which users can create a group while sending messages. WhatsApp tracker WhatsAppinfo has revealed a new feature. However, it is not known when this feature will be launched for users. As WhatsApp authorities have already started working on the new feature, technology experts believe that it is not too late for its implementation.


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