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Russia blew up Kakhovka dam in Kherson, Zelensky in emergency meeting

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  • 06 June, 2023 15:11:26

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International Desk: The military of Kiev claimed that the Russian forces blew up the "Novo Kakhovka" dam in the strategic Kherson region of southern Ukraine. The city of Nova Kakhovka is located in Kherson.

This dam is very important in protecting the city. Meanwhile, Volodymyr Zelensky called an emergency meeting to deal with the situation. In a statement on Tuesday, the Southern Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine claimed that the Kakhovka dam had been blown up by the enemy.

The army says it is monitoring the level of damage to the dam, the speed of the water and the extent of flooding. As soon as the news was received, the Ukrainian authorities requested the people in the vicinity to stay safe to avoid accidents. Russia's state news agency Tass quoted sources as saying the dam had been destroyed and was rapidly flooding.

However, Moscow's mayor blames Ukraine's shelling for the incident. At first, Mayor Vladimir Leontiev denied the news of the dam collapse and said, "Everything is normal and calm." Nothing happened here. The collapse of the Soviet-era dam in the Russian-controlled part of Kherson could cause severe flooding across the region.

In the released video, multiple explosions occurred around the dam. However, the authenticity of this video could not be verified. The nearly 98-foot-wide and 3.2-kilometer-long dam was built on the Dnipro River in 1956 as part of the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant, Aljazeera reported.

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