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Russian airstrikes in Kiev overnight

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  • 06 June, 2023 11:00:07

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International desk: Russia has again launched an air strike in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. A series of explosions were heard throughout the night in the capital city of the Eastern European country.

Civilians were forced to take shelter in underground subway stations. However, Ukrainian officials claimed to have repelled the Russian attack. Reuters reported this information in a report on Tuesday (June 6). According to the report, Russia launched a new air attack in the capital Kiev in the dark of night. But officials based in the Ukrainian capital said more than 20 cruise missiles were shot down by air defense systems.

All the missiles were shot down, none managed to hit," said Serhiy Popko, head of Kiev's military administration, on the Telegram messaging app. Reuters, however, could not independently verify these reports. But Reuters witnesses said several explosions were heard shortly after midnight on Tuesday as the Ukrainian capital remained under an airstrike alert for more than four hours.

They also said it sounded like the sound of an air defense system. Meanwhile, debris from the fallen missile littered roads and damaged power lines in Kiev's Desniansky district, the military said. Located on the left bank of the Dnipro River, this area is the most populated in Kiev. According to preliminary information, there were no casualties in the Tuesday night attack, officials said.

The mayor of Kiev said that Russia has carried out similar attacks in other cities of Ukraine besides the capital. Apart from air strikes, long-range rockets have also been launched. However, the attack was largely repelled by Ukraine's air defense system. It is reported that the attack was carried out till Tuesday morning.

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