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Voter turnout is high in Turkey's run-off election today

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  • 28 May, 2023 23:17:01

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International Desk: Run-off elections are being held in Turkey today (May 28). Voters are voting on the question of whether Recep Tayyip Erdoğan or Kemal Kelıçdaroğlu will rule the country for the next five years.

Al Jazeera, a Qatar-based media outlet, reported that the voter turnout was high in this run-off election. Even as many people voted in the elections held on May 14, the run-off is expected to be higher.

On November 14, the country's parliamentary and presidential elections were held simultaneously. At that time, the voters also voted for the post of parliament member. But this time, since only the presidential post has to be voted, many people are coming to vote with interest. Besides, those who are coming can also vote very quickly.

Voters' queues began to grow long after polling officially opened at 8am local time. Al Jazeera journalist Sinem Koseglou from Istanbul said, 'The May 14 vote was to choose one of the three candidates, along with parliamentary elections. And at that time the voting lines were also slow, as common people were having trouble voting in the huge ballot.

Meanwhile, Sinan Ogan, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Kemal Kilicdaroglu competed in the presidential election held on May 14. None of them alone got 50 percent of the vote in the election. As a result, this election turned into a run-off. Erdoğan and Kemal who got the highest and second highest votes are competing in this.

The ballots produced for the run-off election appear to have pictures of Erdogan and Kemal. And below are two circular rooms. Voters vote by putting the ballot in an envelope and putting it in the box. Al Jazeera also reported that 88 percent of total voters cast their votes in the first phase of this year's elections. That means around 8 million voters did not vote at that time. Many of those who did not vote in the first phase are expected to vote this time and make a difference.


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