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A new turn in the Ukraine-Russia war, the rebels claim to occupy two villages

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  • 23 May, 2023 23:35:48

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International Desk: Ukraine-Russia war has taken a new turn. A group of pro-Ukrainian Russian rebels have announced that Russian troops have entered Russia and captured two villages. However, Kiev says that they have no participation in these operations.

On Monday, the group claimed to have captured two villages in the Belgrade region. News from Politico and TRT World. According to Politico's report, the two pro-Kiev forces that have entered Russia's Belgrade region are the 'Legion of Free Russia' and the 'Russian Volunteer Corps'. The Legion of Free Russia said in a tweet, "The Legion of Free Russia and the Russian Volunteer Corps have completely captured the village of Kozinka in Belgrade Oblast.

Another advance group has entered an area called Graveron. They are moving forward. Russia will be free. In a tweet, the group made two claims, claiming that in addition to Kozinka, they have also captured another village on the border with Ukraine called Gora-Padal. Local media also reported on their respective Telegram channels that heavy fighting was reported in several villages along the border, including Graveron. Note that there is a Russian military base near Graveron.

Earlier, the governor of the Belgrade region, Vacheslav Gladkov, said that "insurgent" members of the Ukrainian army had entered the Greyvron district of Belegor, Russia. Governor Vacheslav Gladkov said in a statement published on his own channel in Telegram, "The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are taking necessary steps to eliminate the enemy with the help of the country's Border Service, National Guard and intelligence agency FSB or Federal Security Service." Later, Vacheslav Gladkov added, "The anti-terror operation has already started in this region."

Meanwhile, the intelligence service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the armed groups consisted of two Russian citizens. Their aim is to build a civilian area on the border. Mykhailo Padoliak, Special Assistant to the President of Ukraine, said that Ukraine has nothing to do with this operation. Ukraine has nothing to do about it. In a tweet, he said, 'Ukraine is watching with interest what is happening in the Belgrade region, but we have nothing to do about it.


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