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Georgia Meloni returned to the country in the middle of the terrible floods in Italy

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  • 21 May, 2023 23:37:42

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International Desk: Thousands of people have been affected by the terrible floods in the European country Italy. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni returned to the country in the middle of the G-7 summit held in Japan as the floods intensified. The British media The Guardian reported in a report on Sunday (May 21), that 36,000 people in the northeastern part of Italy were forced to leave their homes due to flooding. In addition, extensive rural areas have been submerged under water. This year's floods have been called the worst in Italy's 100-year history. Earlier this week, heavy rain killed 14 people in Italy. The rain flooded the town of Oligli in the Emilia Romagna region.

Which has turned the entire region into a river now. It is still raining heavily in the country. This has extended the duration of the Red Alert issued for floods. Seeing such dire situation in the country, Prime Minister Georgia Meloni returned from the G-7 conference in Japan on Saturday. He told reporters, "To be honest, I can't be so far away from Italy at such a difficult time." At present, 5 thousand rescue workers are engaged in rescuing people affected by floods. The Prime Minister of Georgia thanked them.

He also thanked the leaders of the G-7 alliance. He will visit the flood affected areas on Sunday. Meanwhile, due to the rise in the height of the flood water, emergency evacuation of civilians from vulnerable villages in Ravenna has been ordered. The same amount of rain in Emilia Romagna falls in just 36 hours as it normally does in six months. The effect of which has caused the worst flood in 100 years.


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