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Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, was shaken by Russia's new missile attack

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  • 18 May, 2023 18:48:45

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International Desk: Russia launched a new missile attack on Ukraine's capital Kiev on Thursday (May 18). In addition to Kiev, Russian forces also fired missiles at the Black Sea port city of Odessa. At least one person was killed in this. The Ukrainian army claimed to stop the missiles launched in Kiev. But when the wreckage of the destroyed missile hit a multi-storey building, it caught fire. Ukraine's military said multiple explosions were heard in Kiev's Desnianskyi. And when a missile shot down near Darnatsky hit a high-rise building, it caught fire.

In addition, Ukraine said that Russian troops fired cruise missiles in central Venice. On the other hand, Khmeletsky, 100 kilometers to the east, was also attacked, according to local media. Serhiy Popko, the head of Kiev's military administration, issued a warning early Thursday urging everyone to stay in safe shelters. Later, this military officer claimed that all the missiles that Russia fired have been destroyed. Thursday's new attack marks the ninth time Russia has attacked Kiev this month alone.

Which indicates that they have targeted the capital of Ukraine. Last Monday, the Russian forces launched an 'unprecedented' missile attack on Kiev from the air, sea and land. The next day, the country's Ministry of Defense said that the Patriot air defense system sent by the United States was destroyed by firing a hypersonic Kinzhal missile at Kiev. However, the truth of their claim could not be confirmed.


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