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Ukraine is facing a big test

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  • 18 May, 2023 18:46:20

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International Desk: Russia is using more weapons than usual to destroy Ukraine's air defense system. Russian forces are continuously attacking the country. Citing an official of the United States, the country's media reported this. The US official said that the Russian forces are conducting a large-scale attack from several directions simultaneously in the airspace. These attacks targeted important facilities including the command and control center located in the country's capital, Kiev. The U.S. official also said Russia may move to increase the scope of the strike in an effort to delay Ukraine's much-discussed counterattack. However, Ukraine has the ability to repel such attacks by destroying the missiles and drones launched by Russia through several layers of air defense systems provided by Western countries.

This official believes that if Russia increases the scope of the attack, it could also work for Ukraine. Because it will make Russia's shortage of weapons for use in long-range precision strikes even more pronounced. Ukraine's military chief said Russia launched a massive strike last Tuesday, including hypersonic Kinzhal missiles from warplanes, Kalibr cruise missiles from warships in the Black Sea and land-launched Iskander missiles. The attack was launched simultaneously from the north, south and east. Another official told CNN that a unit of the US-supplied Patriot missile system was damaged, but not completely destroyed, in the attack. The US is working to assess the extent of the damage. Russia claimed to have destroyed the US-supplied Patriot air defense system in Tuesday's attack.

However, there was no comment on this from the side of Ukraine. However, US officials later admitted that the attack had damaged the Patriot system. Three U.S. officials told CNN that the damage to the Patriot air defense system caused by the Russian missile attack near Kiev on Tuesday morning was minor. An official described it as a 'minor' loss. An official said the US sent several officials on Tuesday to assess the extent of the damage. Earlier, Ukrainian officials said the air defense system appeared to have been damaged. The official added that the Patriot air defense system is still active. An important part of the Patriot is its radar equipment. It was not damaged. U.S. officials do not expect the Patriot system to be removed from the battlefield for repairs.

The fiercest fighting is currently taking place in the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmu. There, a retired US Army Special Forces soldier was killed by Russian forces. This was stated by his friend and the founder of a non-profit organization operating in Ukraine. According to Retired Lt. Col. Perry Blackburn, founder of the non-profit organization AFGFree, Retired Army Staff Sergeant Nicholas Maimer was in a building in Bakhmut. It collapsed due to the impact of the bullet. Maimer was also working in Ukraine with Blackburn.


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