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Escort withdrawal of diplomats: What the US State Department said

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  • 16 May, 2023 22:33:09

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International Desk: Recently, the government has announced the withdrawal of additional security escorts of several foreign diplomats including the US and UK ambassadors posted in Dhaka. In response, the United States has said that all diplomatic personnel must be protected in accordance with the Vienna Convention. The safety and security of their diplomatic personnel is of utmost importance. Vedanta Patel, the chief deputy spokesperson of the US State Department, said this on Monday (May 15) local time. He said this in response to a question at a press briefing organized by the US State Department.

Vedanta Patel said, "I am not going to go into the security details of the US embassy or its personnel." However, he noted that, according to the Vienna Convention, any host country in diplomatic relations must 'maintain its obligations to ensure the safety of all diplomatic mission premises and personnel and take all appropriate measures to prevent any attack on personnel.

Before this, Somaba's foreign minister. AK Abdul Momen said, they can get it in exchange of money if they want. We will not provide these additional (security) escort services with taxpayers' money. He also said that no government in developed countries provides such additional facilities. There has been no deterioration in the law and order situation that necessitates the provision of such services.


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