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Ways to extend the battery life of the smartwatch

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  • 05 May, 2023 11:09:41

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Information Technology Desk: The popularity of smartwatches is constantly increasing. Like smartphones, smartwatches have become our daily companions. A smartwatch can be used for many purposes, not just for checking the time. It can be said that almost all the functions of the smartphone can be done in this watch. Calling, receiving, listening to music, playing games, social media notifications are all available on the smartwatch.

Also has GPS facility along with health, sports features. Besides, there are special health features for fitness and women. Almost all smartwatches today are IP68 rated to protect against water and dust. Doing all these things drains the charge of the smartwatch quickly. Even the battery life decreases rapidly.

Again, many times it is seen that even the new smartwatch does not have a charge for a long time. This is mainly due to some minor usage mistakes. Let's take a look at 4 ways to increase the battery life of a smartwatch-

Turn off automatic brightness

Many people keep automatic brightness on in smartwatches like smartphones. It is done for ease of use. As if the brightness of the smartwatch can automatically increase and decrease according to the variation of outside light. But you know what? That's why your smartwatch is charging very quickly. Because the higher the brightness, the more the battery will drain. So turn off automatic brightness.

Turn on semi-hibernation mode:

When the smartwatch is in semi-hibernation mode, it drains the battery. It won't turn on until the screen is turned off and the power button is clicked. Once the screen turns on, it will turn off automatically. Not only that, it won't run any apps in the background of your smartwatch.

Shut down

Many people keep the smartphone sensor on and leave it open even when not in use. Don't do this at all. Shut down the smartwatch when not in use. It will not finish the charge. That is, you will get the same charge as you close at that charge. If you don't turn it off, the notification bar will continue to work. This will reduce the charge by itself.

Turn off Bluetooth
when not using the smartwatch while it is on. In that case, the charge is likely to decrease on its own. This is because, as long as you keep Bluetooth on, your smartwatch will continue to receive notifications of some kind. So try to turn off Bluetooth.

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