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Brazilian defender Alvez says the two had consensual sex

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  • 19 April, 2023 00:10:18

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Sports Desk: The career of Brazilian defender Dani Alvez could have ended in a great way. In a last-minute gesture in football, the five-time world champions named him in the latest Qatar World Cup squad. He has won numerous major trophies playing for big clubs. However, before saying goodbye to the field, he got a stain on his face. Alvez, who is currently in prison, is also recently divorced. After that he claimed that they had sex with the consent of the accused! Earlier, on January 2 this year, a woman accused him of rape in a night club in Barcelona.

Later, he has been in jail since January 20 in that case. The woman alleged that Alvez touched her body without permission at a party on December 31 last year. After this, there were rumors that Alvez's wife, Joanna, was going to call it quits. Finally, this rumor came true. Hwana, 29, announced the split on Instagram. Meanwhile, Alvez's lawyers said in a statement that Alvez previously gave false testimony to maintain the marital relationship. They claim, 'He (Alvez) made it clear that he did not initially say what happened and denied having sex.

Because his only priority was to save the marital relationship. He says that everything that happened inside the restroom was free and voluntary. They made love and (the complainant) never asked to stop. Alvez, 39, appeared before an investigating judge in Barcelona yesterday (April 17) at his request. The Brazil forward said there was an immediate interest between him and the complainant. Alvez was terminated by his then club Pumas after his arrest. The defender, who played for major European clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Juventus and PSG, later broke up with his wife, Joanna Sans. Under Spanish law, Alvez faces four to 15 years in prison if convicted of rape.


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