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We fought for freedom of media: Obaidul Quader

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  • 04 April, 2023 23:43:21

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News Desk:  Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader said that we fought for the freedom of the media. Shamsur Rahman, Manik Shah, Humayun Kabir Balu and many other journalists who have been killed today cry for the freedom of journalists. They are responsible for killing many journalists in this country. Everything that has been done for the welfare of journalists, including the Eighth Wage Board of Newspapers, I would say, is definitely done by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

He said these things while addressing the chief guest at the discussion meeting, painting and essay writing competition organized by the Dhaka University Chhatra League on the occasion of the 103rd birth anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at the Dhaka University Student-Teacher Center (TSC) auditorium on Sunday (April 2).

Obaidul Quader said, we are in the happiness and sorrow of journalists, we also believe in the freedom of the press. We do not want to undermine this freedom. But the journalist must also be responsible. Is it the slightest sign of love for the country to publish someone's quote on independence day? It amounts to insulting the country. Scorning freedom and scorning my motherland Bangladesh are one and the same and that is what they have done.

He said, did you bribe the child with 10 rupees? Later he said it was wrong. Did anyone apologize for the mistake? Has anyone apologized for this mistake? They are their arrogance, they are rightly basking in that pride and supporting it in themselves. 'Reporters Without Borders' issued a statement, 'Government arrests newspaper reporter for intimidation of journalists, files case against editor.' The case was not filed by the government. The case is private. But this crime will not be punished? What would Reporters Without Borders do if something like this happened in their country? He was not judged? It would not be punished?

Awami League general secretary said how a child was blackmailed. Was told what to do with freedom? Those who committed the heinous crime of using a child to quote the name of a day laborer next to the memorial on Independence Day should be punished for this heinous crime.

Regarding BNP's agitation, he said, Mirza Fakhrul Sahib again threatened mass uprising. I saw their location program yesterday. Attendance of five to seven hundred people at the location program. Our district level is not less than 1000. Roads are closed on fasting days and people are only suffering. This is not a coup. 14 years passed by, how many years do people live? More wait, forget them. There will be no revolution without the people.

Obaidul Quader said, now BNP workers are disappointed. Mass uprising went to Gabtali, Golapbagh cow market. From there, the mass uprising went on a silent march, the march lost its way and stood in human chains, now it is sitting down from human chains. Their movement is also sitting. The mass uprising can no longer stand. We will proceed with our strength.

DU Chhatra League President Mazharul Kabir Sayan spoke as the president of the discussion meeting moderated by DU Chhatra League General Secretary Tanveer Hasan Saikat. Chhatra League Central President Saddam Hossain and General Secretary Sheikh Wali Asif Inan spoke as special guests.


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