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Reasons why smartphones explode in summer

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  • 01 April, 2023 23:38:51

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Information Technology Desk: These days we often hear news of smartphones or mobile phones exploding. There have been explosions in the pocket or bag as well as at home. Suddenly Sadher's phone lights up in front of his eyes. But many think it is more during summer. In fact it can happen at any time.

Let's find out what causes your smartphone to explode-

. A dead phone battery is one of the biggest causes of phone explosions. This problem occurs more in the case of cheap phones. Because such phones do not have a battery-cooling system. So the battery gets hot with more use. As a result, the possibility of the phone exploding increases.

. When charging the phone, the battery works more, as a result, a field of radiation is created around the mobile. So talking on the phone while charging may cause the phone to explode.

.A phone battery has many layers. Sometimes these layers are broken. If the phone is dropped repeatedly, then this possibility increases. If any of the layers break down and create a gap between them, the battery begins to swell. This then increases the possibility of battery explosion due to short circuit.

. Liquids can damage the phone's battery. So, if water or any liquid enters the phone, take it to the service center as soon as possible.

.Most people use their phone all day and leave it on charge overnight. Which should not be done at all. Another cause of battery damage is overcharging. This may cause the phone set to explode. It is mandatory to remove the phone from the charger when the battery is 100% charged.

. The first reason for exploding phone battery is not using original charger. When buying a new charger, most people save money and buy a cheaper charger. Which is very harmful for the phone. Definitely buy the charger from the company. It will protect your phone for a long time.


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