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Afghanistan, Ireland coach inspired the Irish to defeat Bangladesh

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  • 27 March, 2023 00:59:26

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Sports Desk: 'The shorter the format, the shorter the gap' - one of the most popular sayings in cricket. In T20, therefore, unexpected wins and losses are seen regularly. Same as a day ago. Afghanistan beat Pakistan for the first time, that too in the T20 format.  

Afghanistan beat Pakistan by six wickets in Sharjah. Irish coach Einrich Malan is also taking inspiration from this match. The Irish did not care about Bangladesh in the ODI format. The T20 series will start from Monday. Earlier, the Ireland coach drew the example of Afghanistan.  

Malan said, 'I think if you go back a few days you will see that Afghanistan beat Pakistan. In the shorter format, the teams are making the matches more close. I think this is an exciting time in T20. We have shown for a long time that we can do well in T20. Hope we can adapt to the conditions. I think guys now have a better idea of ​​what's out there. Hope we can do something good. '

"This series will be a great challenge. A few weeks ago they (Bangladesh) beat the world champion team in this format. But at the same time we are also excited about it. We can play the brand of cricket that we have shown in the World Cup, which is exciting, people want to watch. Testing themselves in such conditions is a great experience for veterans and youngsters alike. '

Bangladesh collected a record against Ireland in the first ODI. It was surpassed in the next match. After that, he won by 10 wickets in ODI for the first time. Now the format has changed. What is expected of Ireland?

He said, 'You want to win as many matches as possible. I think it has been said many times, we understand that international cricket is a game of winning and losing. But for me, we always want to win 3-0. But beating Bangladesh 3-0 is not the point. For us it is a matter of playing a certain way and brand of cricket. Hopefully, if you can do this for a long time, the 3-0 win will come soon. '


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