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Google's special doodle on the occasion of the great Independence Day

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  • 27 March, 2023 00:58:12

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News Desk: The world's popular search engine 'Google' has created a special doodle on the occasion of the 52nd Great Independence and National Day of Bangladesh. Google launched the doodle on Saturday (25th March) after 12pm.

The red-green flag of Bangladesh is adorning the place of Google's name in the picture. Anyone from Bangladesh who logs into Google to search for anything will see a delightful doodle of the Bangladeshi flag. And when you tap on it, it says 'Bangladesh Independence Day 2023'. And after clicking on it showing the history of independence day of independent Bangladesh and websites with related history.

Instead of their own logo on the search box, Google creates a logo that corresponds to different countries of the world, famous people, special days, or discoveries, and is called a doodle. In continuation of that, the popular search engine published a beautiful doodle on the great independence day of Bangladesh today.


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