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The ship of the US Navy capsized due to the wind

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  • 23 March, 2023 13:10:27

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International Desk: A ship named Petrel, standing in the port of Edinburgh, Scotland, capsized due to wind on Wednesday (March 22). It was used for research and finding old shipwrecks. The British media BBC reported that the ship is owned by the United States Navy. It was previously owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Allen died in 2018. US media CBS reported that 25 people were injured in the ship capsizing. Among them, 15 people have been sent to the hospital. And 10 people were treated at the scene. The incident happened at the Imperial Dock on the outskirts of Leith in Edinburgh.

Emergency services were then alerted at around 8.30am on Wednesday. Pictures circulating on social media showed the giant ship leaning 45 degrees against the wall of the dock. Local Edinburgh politician Adam McVey tweeted that the ship had drifted away from the dock due to 'strong winds'. Then it tilts. He mentioned that it was a 'terrible incident' for those who were on board at the time. The ship had been tied up at the dock in Scotland since 2020. Due to the Corona epidemic, its activities were stopped.

The Scottish Ambulance Service sent five ambulances, a helicopter and a trauma team to carry out the rescue after the ship capsized. In addition, Coast Guard and Fire Service personnel also took part in the rescue operation. Edinburgh Police said that they are still at the scene and the general public has been requested not to travel through the area for the time being to carry out the rescue operation. The research vessel started its journey in 2002. It was originally developed to find old ships at the bottom of the ocean.

The ship is named after a petrel bird. The ship has so far rescued around 30 old ships. Including the USS Indianapolis. which carried the components of the first atomic bomb to Tinian Island in 1945. Besides, this ship rescued another warship named USS Hornet. This ship played an important role after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.


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