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You can schedule calls on WhatsApp

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  • 03 March, 2023 19:07:44

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Information Technology Desk :  WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, is regularly updating itself. The platform is busy improving the user experience of WhatsApp. Now comes the call scheduling feature. Users will get this feature in WhatsApp groups.

Basically, WhatsApp is bringing the call schedule feature like Zoom. Google Meet and Zoom platforms have become popular all over the world for online meetings or classes during the Corona period. But this time WhatsApp is bringing new features to beat Google Meet and Zoom. The instant messaging platform will now allow users to schedule calls as well.

Be it an official meeting or any other need, conferencing calls can be organized on WhatsApp as well. Anyone who has a WhatsApp account can also be invited to the call by sending a link. And through that link anyone can join the conference call at any time.

The call link that will be generated for video calling will be a unique URL of 22 characters, through which users can join the video conference call. That link is about to expire long. That is, the same link can be used many times for a long time. But for now only iOS i.e. iPhone users will get this benefit.

Currently, 32 people can join a group call on WhatsApp. The new feature will be launched for iOS beta testers. If WhatsApp is updated on iPhone, users will see a schedule call button within the group. This feature can be seen only by tapping on the WhatsApp call button. With the schedule option, users can choose when the call can be initiated. Even with a name this call can be scheduled in a WhatsApp group. After the specified time, the users will get a notification with the message to join the call.

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