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Powering The Youth 2.0 – An event by futuristic youths

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  • 01 March, 2023 21:48:43

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News Desk: Powering The Youth is a signature event of the "Marketing and PR" department of YSSE. Recently the "Marketing and PR" department has successfully carried out the most awaited event Powering The Youth 2.0 which was impossible without the endless support of the people of the department. A huge shout out to all the people of the "Marketing and PR" department who showed their enthusiasm till the end of the event. The "Marketing and PR" department of YSSE organized "Powering The Youth 2.0" for young people who are very passionate about learning creative things.  

From designing this event's blueprint to executing it successfully all the interns, management trainees, associates, Associate Head, Head of Marketing, Head of Public Relations and Director of Marketing and PR of YSSE put in their endless efforts.  All the members took part in the process of planning, instructor seeking, affiliating with partners, promoting the event, conducting the event, and in other required work. 

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