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That's why Apple Watch may face import ban

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  • 01 March, 2023 14:16:20

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Information Technology Desk : Technology giant Apple may soon face problems with their smartwatch due to patent infringement allegations. In December, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that Apple infringed a patent on wearable heart monitoring technology. Reuters reported this information in a report. The watches that ITC raised questions about are higher end models. which includes an electrocardiogram sensor. The patents are owned by AliveCore, a startup in California.

The ITC ruled that Apple Watches containing technology that infringed patents should be subject to import bans. Meanwhile, when the ITC announced a ruling, it entered into a 60-day presidential review period. While the administration could overturn it if it wanted to, the potential import ban was on hold as legal disputes between Apple and Alivecor continued. However, Apple said it will appeal the decision.

Alivecor has accused Apple of infringing three of CardiaBand's patents. Alivecor told the ITC that Apple copied its technology and drove it out of the market by making Apple's operating system incompatible with the CardiaBand. Alivecor's recent infringement of its patent for heart monitoring technology may stop Apple Watch imports, as the US International Trade Commission will not overturn the decision. According to the Biden administration.




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