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Pfizer's vaccine will be discontinued on February 28

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  • 25 February, 2023 14:51:42

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News desk: The government is temporarily stopping Pfizer's corona vaccination for adults. This vaccination will not be given from February 28 till further decision. However, the Pfizer vaccination for children will be given. The director of the vaccination branch of the Directorate of Health confirmed this information to the Dhaka Post on Thursday (February 23). Saiduzzaman.

It is known that the health department has taken this decision as the vaccine stocked by the government has expired. However, as soon as the new vaccine comes, the vaccination program will start again. Dr. Saiduzzaman said that Pfizer vaccination is being given in the third and fourth dose of Corona. However, the Pfizer vaccines we have in stock will expire on February 28. For this reason, no one will be vaccinated after February 27. Saiduzzaman said that the Pfizer vaccines for children have a longer validity. That is why there will be no problem in vaccination of children.



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