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What is needed to keep Messi in the team in the next World Cup, said coach Scaloni

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  • 21 February, 2023 16:08:43

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Sports Desk: Argentina has taken the recently concluded World Cup in Qatar. The Albicelesta won their titles after 36 years under the hands of the team's legendary star, Lionel Messi. World-winning coach Scaloni has compared this period of the team's survival with 'springtime'. After Diego Maradona, fans and teammates want to see this star, who gave Argentina the opportunity to celebrate the world victory, in the next World Cup. Even coach Scaloni has confirmed that he has what it takes to keep him in the team in 2026.

This Argentinian coach attended a grand event in Italy. There, he spoke with ESPN Colombia about Messi's future for Argentina. Scaloni said, 'Whether or not Leo will play in the next World Cup, it depends on his decision. If he is fit, he has a chance to go there.''Scaloni says, noting that the World Cup victory has given the whole team a lot of respect, 'a combination of the intense desire of the Argentine fans, team staff and players has worked behind us to achieve this championship title. This passion of theirs has made the champion's special outfit very strong.'

Albicelesta coach thinks it is a pleasure to coach someone like the superstar Messi, 'Messi is the best. Having him on the team means it works as a distinct advantage for the entire team. Participating in training with him is also a great thing. I've seen Leo's presence energize the rest of the team. They follow him. 'Many of those involved in football think that the 2022 World Cup was the last chance for Messi. However, the 35-year-old star footballer made the most of that opportunity.

For the first time since 1986, he has brought glory to the team to win the World Cup. Even among many personal achievements, only the regret of the World Cup has been solved by Messi through this event. Therefore, fans want to rethink the rumors of Messi's retirement after the World Cup in Qatar. On the other hand, after winning the World Cup, Messi indicated that he would prolong his career. Said he wants to wear the blue and white jersey again as the defending champion. However, before the next World Cup, Messi should be more busy with club games. But whether he will stay in the current club PSG or build his future in another club is the main topic of discussion now.



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