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Official opening of CZM Kidney Dialysis and Transplant Center

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  • 15 February, 2023 23:27:27

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Own Correspondent:CZM Kidney Dialysis and Transplant Center was officially inaugurated on 15th February (Wednesday) in Keriniganj by calling the wealthy to come forward morally to serve the backward people. Former advisor to caretaker government and executive chairman of PPRC was present as the chief guest at the opening ceremony. Hossain Zillur Rahman. The chairman of the Center for Zakat Management (CZM) Niaz Rahim was present as guest of honor in the ceremony, the chairman of Akiz Group Sec. Nasir Uddin. Akiz FMCG Ltd. was present as special guest. Its founder Sec. Aziz Uddin, Former Health Secretary and CZM Executive Committee Convener AMM Nasir Uddin. Chief Executive Officer of CZM gave a welcome speech. Mohammad Ayub Mia and the director of CZM Kidney Dialysis and Transplant Center Prof. Dr. Md. 

Chief guest at the event. Hossain Zillur Rahman said, we should work for morally backward people. Zakat as a fundamental act of worship reminds us of morality. The discussion of sustainable development that is going on today is possible with Zakat. CZM has done so by setting up a dialysis center in addition to its other activities. Other speakers on the occasion called upon the wealthy to come forward to serve the underprivileged people of the country and announced that they would continue to support themselves. 

It was informed at the event that currently 85 crore people (one in ten people) worldwide and two crore people in Bangladesh (one in seven people) are suffering from some form of kidney disease. As such, 4,657.5 people die of sudden kidney disease in the world today, about 200 people every hour and 3.3 people every minute. Currently, it ranks as the sixth deadliest person in the world every year. In Bangladesh 10 years ago kidney patients were 16 percent; In 2021, it increased to one in seven kidney patients. In 2011, the number of diabetes patients was 8 million and in 2018, it increased to 10 million. This number is expected to double by 2045. Similarly, in 2021, the number of high blood pressure patients was one crore eight million, currently it has increased to two crore fifty lakh. Three out of four of these patients are from low- and middle-income countries. Most expensive in the world today. Lifelong treatment is kidney dialysis and kidney transplant. As a result, 90 percent of the millions of eligible dialysis patients in Bangladesh cannot receive treatment due to lack of money. As a result, 40,000 dialysis-eligible kidney patients die every year, 110 per day and 4 per hour. One of the reasons chronic kidney disease (CKD) is such a silent killer is that the disease remains asymptomatic for a long time, the public is unaware of the seriousness of the disease, and the lack of funds and medical facilities for treatment. 

In such a humanitarian crisis, the Center for Zakat Management (CZM) has taken the initiative to start a free dialysis and transplant center in Keraniganj. The center was officially inaugurated today as a limited scale pilot project at 'Shyamal Bangla Resort' in Guita Krishna Nagar, Keraniganj, prior to the opening of the full-fledged hospital, with the facility of around 5000 dialysis per year.


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