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The popularity of women's secret groups on Facebook is increasing

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  • 08 February, 2023 14:27:00

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Information Technology Desk : Dating apps are becoming increasingly popular around the world to choose a partner of choice. As a result, the number of users and apps is increasing every day. This is where the current generation is leaning. Not only dating apps, social media Facebook also has many groups where such work can be done.

Many people in Britain and the US are active in online dating. A secret Facebook group called 'Are We Dating The Same Guy' has been created. As the name suggests, the members of this group are almost all women.

Women share reviews about men they meet in this secret Facebook group. According to a report, this group first started working in New York in March last year. A similar group opened in London two months later.

The number of London groups has grown rapidly in recent times. Currently this group has more than 16 thousand members. In addition, in the last few months, local groups have been formed in parts of the UK such as Manchester, Nottingham and Edinburgh.

Women of all ages and professions belong to this group. They are encouraged to post anonymously in these groups. As a result, their identities remain hidden. If any of the women in the group had previously met the said man, she left a note.

But there are some rules and regulations for joining this group. According to the rules, using foul language, making threats or sharing sensitive information or circulating screenshots of posts in the group is prohibited.

However, not all of these groups are active members. Many women are in these groups just for a bit of leisure entertainment. Enjoy the experience of others. However, many people use this group for their own needs. Many people also share the cheating of men here.

What is the morality of sharing pictures of men in the group! The members of the group are divided about it. Many women claim that it is not right to break someone's privacy and openly discuss their pictures and personality.

Although many say, it ultimately gives women a chance to be cautious. As in this same group a woman told how a man offered to do a secret video of her, many men make excuses to wear protection after having a sexually transmitted disease, etc.!


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