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Asia Cup, India match in Pakistan

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  • 05 February, 2023 22:05:58

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Sports Desk : There is no less debate about the venue of the upcoming Asia Cup. There is a strong debate between the two arch-rivals India and Pakistan cricket policy makers. They are shooting at each other. The media of the two countries are also fighting on two sides. According to the ICC schedule, the Asia Cup is to be held in Pakistan. However, BCCI Secretary Jai Shah has made it clear that India will not go to Pakistan to play the Asia Cup.

 They are talking about security as a reason. Along with this, Jai Shah has also hinted at holding the Asia Cup in the United Arab Emirates as a neutral venue. However, the outgoing chairman of PCB, Ramiz Raja, had already given a strong response to such unfair treatment of India. Throwing jute instead of bricks, he said, if India does not come to our country to play the Asia Cup, we will not go there and play the ODI World Cup.

PCB's new chairman, Najam Shetty, has also upheld the decision of his predecessor. Meanwhile, the two countries and the Asian Cricket Council held a meeting in Bahrain last Saturday to reach the final decision. But practically no solution was reached in this meeting. It is known that the meeting will be held again next March.

Although no final news about the venue is known, several rumors are floating after the meeting. It is heard that the United Arab Emirates has shown interest in hosting the tournament. India also supported them. Besides, Sri Lanka has also come up as an alternative venue as the cost may be higher in the Emirates.

Meanwhile, the meeting also said that the Asia Cup will be held in Pakistan while India's matches will be played in the UAE. Besides, if India reaches the final of the tournament, the title-deciding match will also be lost. But this is all rumour. Talking about moving around in the air. What is being propagated by the media of Pakistan and India.

But the final decision may come in the meeting of ICC and ACC next March. But whatever the decision, several international events have to be kept in mind. The ODI World Cup is going to be held in India this year. Besides, Pakistan is scheduled to host the 2025 Champions Trophy.


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