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Even after eight years of its inauguration, the ICU has not started, equipment worth crores of rupees is on the way to waste

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  • 05 February, 2023 22:04:54

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Md Imran Mahmud, Jamalpur: A two-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) was inaugurated eight years ago on the third floor of Jamalpur General Hospital. Although ICUT was officially inaugurated eight years ago, there are no activities. Locals alleged that due to negligence of the hospital authorities, the ICU was not started and equipment worth crores of rupees was going to waste. The people of this district are suffering. The assistant director of the hospital said that the ICU could not be opened due to manpower crisis.

According to the administrative office of the hospital, the ICU was inaugurated with funding from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for intensive monitoring of comatose patients. ICUT 2015 was officially inaugurated by Health and Family Welfare Minister Prayat Mohammad Nasim. In the intensive care unit with two beds, apart from heart problems, comatose patients are given medical care by keeping them in ICU support. The hospital authorities said that the ICU could not be opened due to lack of trained manpower and adequate testing facilities. 

Locals complain that due to lack of ICU activities, comatose patients are sent from this hospital to Mymensingh, Dhaka. The ICU is not operational due to mysterious reasons. Ambulance fares have to be paid to take patients with epilepsy to Mymensingh and Dhaka. There are also cases of death on the way to take unconscious patients. Locals said that the ICUT hospital with two beds is not running due to the negligence of the authorities. They demanded to start the ICU very soon.

Going to the hospital on the ground, it can be seen that the main door of the ICU room is locked. The equipment inside the ICU room is cluttered and dirty. There are four beds on either side wrapped in white sheets. Dust has accumulated on the white sheets.

Raju Mia of Nandina area of ​​Sadar Upazila said that patients with heart problems are actually taken to this hospital and sent to Mymensingh and Dhaka. Doctors are unable to treat heart patients due to lack of ICU. It has become very important to start ICU in this hospital.  

Rashed of Melandah Upazila said that as far as I know, the ICU was inaugurated in this hospital about 8-9 years ago. But the ICU is not being started due to mysterious reasons. I demand to open the ICU soon. 

Aakash of leather warehouse area of ​​Jamalpur city said that Minister Mohammad Nasim inaugurated the ICU in Jamalpur General Hospital a long time ago. The ICU is not functioning for many days. Many patients come to this hospital. He demanded that the ICU be opened soon.

Jamalpur General Hospital management committee member Jahangir Salim said, 'This hospital is the only way to treat about 50 lakh people in Jamalpur district and neighboring districts. ICU was inaugurated in this hospital eight years ago. It's not working for some mysterious reason. Government machinery worth crores of rupees is being wasted. Besides, the people of this region are deprived of medical services.

Assistant Director of Jamalpur General Hospital Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman said, 'ICU cannot be started due to manpower crisis. The ministry has been repeatedly informed about the destruction of machinery. It is not possible to talk about the equipment without an expert. 

Prannoy Kanti Das, civil surgeon of Jamalpur said, 'Due to manpower crisis, the ICU cannot be started. The Assistant Director has repeatedly informed the Ministry about the opening of the ICU. However, arrangements will be made to open the ICU very soon.


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