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Check if you are suffering from dehydration in winter or not at home healthJanuary 22, 2023 11:25:55

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News Desk: Most people's bodies become dehydrated in winter! The main reason for this is not drinking enough water. According to experts, the daily water requirement of an adult is 3-4 liters.

Many people may not be able to meet this daily water requirement due to various reasons. If this continues for a long time, water deficiency occurs in the body. On the other hand, a lot of water leaves the body through sweat and urine.

Due to this, if you do not drink enough water during the day, dehydration or dehydration occurs. This causes various problems in the body.

By the time dehydration causes serious symptoms, it may be too late. Due to this sudden kidney failure can also occur. Besides, complicated problems like urinary infections also occur.

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

. Headache
. Constipation
. Weakness and fatigue
. Dry skin
. Joint pain
. Weight gain
. Decreased blood pressure
. Urine infection
. Kidney failure etc.

Most people do not realize that they are dehydrated at first. But if you want, you can check at home whether you are suffering from dehydration or not.

It can be tested in just 30 seconds. This is easily known by skin turgor or skin elasticity test.
For this, pinch the upper skin of the hand with two fingers and pull the skin as much as possible. Hold the skin for a few seconds and then release. Now check if the skin color looks pale!

If the area is pale and the skin color takes time to return to normal, then you are suffering from dehydration. And if the color of the skin becomes normal quickly, then you will understand that there is no shortage of water in your body.

If you experience symptoms of dehydration such as dry mouth, headache, dizziness or frequent thirst, drink small amounts of water.

Also drink enough fluids. If vomiting, excessive sweating or diarrhea occurs, seek medical advice.

Source: Healthline


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