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Diseases that can be caused by lack of vitamin D

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  • 15 January, 2023 16:37:34

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News Desk: Vitamin D is also known as sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D is supplied to the body when the body is exposed to sunlight. Although it can be found in some foods, the main source of this vitamin is the sun.

But in winter vitamin D deficiency occurs in more or less everyone's body, the reason for this is that there is not much sun in winter. As a result, vitamin D does not match in the body.

And the lack of this vitamin can cause various problems in the body. One of which is joint inflammation. Apart from this, other diseases that can be suffered from the deficiency of this vitamin-

Immunity decreases

According to NCBI, vitamin D is associated with immunity. Deficiency of this vitamin can often lead to disease. Since vitamin D boosts the immune system, it helps the body fight pathogens in its deficiency.

Suffering from fatigue

If you feel tired all the time for no reason, you should get your vitamin D tested. Vitamin D deficiency can affect energy levels as well as your mood towards new tasks.

Mental health deteriorates

According to WebMD, depression is another symptom of vitamin D deficiency. In this case, constant fatigue has a detrimental effect on mental health.

hair fall

Excessive hair loss and lack of hair growth can be caused by vitamin D deficiency. Low vitamin D has harmful effects on hair. If you find that you are suffering from excessive hair loss then take proper regular vitamin D supplements as per your doctor's advice.

Skin damage

People who do not have enough vitamin D in their body are more prone to skin rashes and acne. In addition, the skin ages very quickly.

What to do if there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the body?

To compensate for vitamin D deficiency, eat mushrooms, eggs, orange juice, cheese, fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel.

Also eat dairy products like curd, milk, cereal, soy juice etc. Vitamin D supplements can also be taken if desired, but should not be taken without a doctor's advice.


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