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Zoom also features the popular 'Avatar' feature

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  • 11 January, 2023 15:04:44

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News Desk: After Instagram, WhatsApp, the popular 'Avatar' feature is coming to Zoom. Before long, users could create their own profile on Instagram and WhatsApp. Can use profile and chat anytime. Now that facility will be available on the popular audio video platform Zoom.

Zoom app became popular during Corona. Online classes, meetings at home are all done through this Chinese app. But still the popularity of this app is not lacking. Therefore, various features are being added to improve the experience of users using Zoom.

From now on, users can set customizable virtual characters or avatars on their accounts. Users can also use this avatar during Zoom meetings. With this Zoom avatar you can make your presence known without being in a Zoom meeting. Above all, instead of static features or still images, the user's movements and facial expressions can be understood in animations.

Usually, if a user is not present during a Zoom meeting, he/she may turn off the screen i.e. video. There is a blank screen or profile picture. Instead of these, you can now use your own avatar. But for now, testing is going on with beta testers. Many new facial styles and hairstyles will be added to the Zoom meeting avatar feature in the coming days.

This feature will make using Zoom more fun. Users usually participate in office meetings mostly through Zoom. If users add avatars of themselves in the midst of serious discussions, the whole thing will have a little bit of fun. If a user is forced to stop video during a meeting for some reason, a customizable avatar will appear instead of a blank screen or their static profile picture.

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