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A small change in router setup will increase the internet speed

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  • 04 January, 2023 13:33:11

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News desk: In the technology-dependent world, we don't spend a single moment without smartphones and internet. Apart from all the tempting internet offers of SIM companies, everyone uses WiFi at home for unrestricted internet usage at home. There are obstacles in that too. Due to low speed, urgent tasks are often faced with problems.

However, a small change in router setup will increase your home internet speed. The router should be setup in the right place in the house. If you install the router in the wrong place, you will get low internet speed. So it is important to know a few rules while setting up a WiFi router.

Let's see what to change in router setup.

>> Always try to place the router somewhere in the middle of the room. Don't forget to set it in the corner of the room. If you set it up in the corner, the WiFi signal is blocked initially due to walls on both sides. As a result, the speed of the Internet decreases a lot.

>> Always place the router in a place where there are no surrounding walls. Then you can easily use high speed internet in the whole house.

>> Never place the broadband router on the floor. Set the router at a higher location to get better router speed. You will get the opportunity to use high speed internet in all corners of the house. If it must be placed on the floor, place the router in an empty space.

>> Keep the router away from any kind of electronic devices to get better internet speed. TVs, computers, radios, cordless phones can weaken the router's signal. Internet speed may decrease as a result. So set the router at least a few feet away from electronic devices.

>> Keep this router away from large furniture. For example, setting the router next to a tall cupboard, bed or other large furniture will block the WiFi signal. As a result, you will not get full high speed internet. So keep the router away from these furniture.


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