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I am ready to play in the next match: Ronaldo

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  • 04 January, 2023 13:29:48

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Sports Desk: Cristiano Ronaldo has officially joined Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia. However, Ronaldo's age of 37 on the day of admission did not mean that.

Saudi Arabian club Al Nasr officially introduced Ronaldo as a player on Tuesday night. After that, Ronaldo announced at the press conference, 'My campaign in Europe is over. Played in almost all the most important clubs there. It feels good here. The people of Saudi Arabia are wonderful.'

In the presence of 25,000 spectators at the club's ground, Morsul Park, the fans greeted him by chanting 'Ronaldo, Ronaldo'.

After that, a woman moderator started the official press conference. Ronaldo said about joining this Saudi club, 'I got many opportunities in Europe. Also received calls from Brazil, Australia, USA and Portugal. But for me it is a big opportunity. Used my knowledge and skills to help grow a very important club. I am very proud to have made this decision. Family was always by my side. And I never thought about what people said.'

Ronaldo also said, 'I am a unique player. I broke all the records there (in Europe). I want to break some records here too. If the coach wants (of the club), I am ready to enter the field in the next match.


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