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In the Chalanbil region, the common people are suffering from the severe winter of Poush

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  • 30 December, 2022 15:55:43

Photo: CNI

Tofazzal Hossain Babu, Pabna: In Chalanbil region including Chatmohar of Pabna, the common people have become lazy due to the severe winter of Poush. The severity of the winter has increased over the past few days. Winter in Konkan and the northerly cold current has disrupted public life. Due to the winter in Konkan, the demand for warm clothes has increased. The old hot cloth shop on the sidewalk was crowded. Even sales have increased. Low-income people flock to pavement shops to buy warm clothes at affordable prices to ward off the cold. As winter approaches, the presence of customers in the warm clothes shops on the sidewalk is increasing day by day. Going to the different markets of the upazila in Sarzamin, you can see the crowd of customers in old clothes shops. Talking to buyers and sellers, it is known that the price is much higher than last year. Mohamad Ali and Moyal Hossain, traders of old warm clothes in Chatmohar old market area, said that sales have increased due to the increasing severity of winter.

Buyer Jahangir Alam said that the demand for warm clothes is high this year. Still having to buy clothes for the whole family. As the winter grew. It is difficult to go out after evening. After evening, cold winds descend from the north. The day is not as hot as before. It started getting cold in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the town is covered in fog. Yesterday, Thursday, the sun did not appear in this region. The people of this town are grinding in winter due to the decrease in temperature. People of Beel area are trying to ward off winter by burning straw. Increased incidence of cold-related diseases.

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