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Trading in the capital market is going on with the increase of the index

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  • 22 November, 2022 15:56:23

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News desk:  After the price decline in the first two working days of the week, on the third working day Tuesday, the stock market is showing an upward trend in the price index. Besides, more number of companies have entered the list of price increase than price decrease. But transactions are quite slow.

In the first half hour of trading, the main stock market Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) saw a 30 percent rise in the prices of shares and units of companies. The main price index increased by 16 points. And the transaction was a little more than 60 crore rupees.

Another stock market Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) also has an upward trend in the first half hour of trading. Also, there are more companies on the list of price hikes.

However, in both markets, the number of firms with price unchanged is higher than with price increase or decrease. The prices of shares and units of these companies are stuck at the floor price (minimum limit of price reduction). As there are no buyers, those who have shares and units of these companies are not able to sell.

On this day, trading in the stock market started with the increase in the share prices of most companies. As a result, the main index of DSE increased by 5 points compared to the previous day.

The upward trend seen at the beginning of trading continued throughout the first half hour. As of 10:40 a.m. till writing this report, 65 companies have registered their share and unit price increase in DSE. On the contrary, the price of 14 has decreased. And the price of 127 remains unchanged.


The main index of DSE increased by 20 points. Among the other two indices, the DSE-30 index increased by 6 points. And the DSE Shariah index fell by 6 points. 77 crore 21 rupees have been traded in DSE till this time.

The overall index CASPI of Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) has increased by 6 points. 2 Crore 13 Lakh Tk. Of the 44 institutions that participated in the transaction, 18 increased, 9 decreased and 17 remained unchanged.


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