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Health Ministry Treats Dengue, Not Controls It: Health Minister

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  • 13 November, 2022 16:39:01

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News Desk: Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Malek said that although there have been many criticisms about dengue control in the country, there has been no criticism about the treatment. He said, although there were criticisms about the control, no one criticized the treatment. But control is not in our hands. The Ministry of Health handles dengue treatment, while control is handled by other ministries.

On Sunday (November 13) morning, he said these things while participating virtually in the release of the new guidelines for dengue organized by a hotel in the capital.

Meanwhile Zahid Malek said, first I got dengue in 2019. All coped well together. There was still a lot of criticism. At that time there was criticism about control, but there was no criticism about treatment. Then came the corona pandemic. Then we treated with a treatment protocol. The treatment protocol played a good role. We had no central oxygen line, no oxygen plant, only one lab. We give remdesivir for free. That is, when the system applied to the world, we also did it and succeeded above all.

The minister said, 29 thousand of our people died, 5 lakh died in India, 12 lakh in the United States. In Europe, about 3,000 people died per million. We have been successful because the Prime Minister has given guidelines. Asra has also been successful in corona vaccination. We have given 40 thousand crores worth of vaccinations for free. Few countries in the world have spent so much money. Dedicated corona hospital has been done with success. No one stepped back. But in the beginning we didn't know. Yet we have dealt with Corona with treatment.

He said, now dengue has appeared again. Those who work, are more affected. Women are getting affected, 20-30 years old are getting affected. Dying within three days. Deaths are increasing due to delay in going to the hospital. However, the previous guideline has been revised due to the need of time. We hope dengue will reduce in the new guidelines. Winter is coming. All doctors, nurses, technicians are working.

Zahid Malek said, the shock of Corona around the world, the war, all in all we have suffered a big shock. Now dengue has appeared again. Not only that dengue is happening in our country, it has appeared in different countries of the world including Thailand, Philippines. They are suffering and dying more than us.

The minister also said that he is traveling around the country to improve the quality of treatment. We want the presence of doctors. And keep the machines running. Many times the ultra-echo machines are broken, due to which the patients walk out. Those who do not have a machine, give the demand, we will provide it. Keep hospitals clean. Keep reporting always on.


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