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Indefinite strike of Bashefmubiprabir teachers in Jamalpur

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  • 09 November, 2022 10:17:18

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Md. Imran Mahmud, Jamalpur:  The teachers of Bangmata Sheikh Mujib University of Science and Technology (Bashefmubiprabi) at Melandhe in Jamalpur are observing an indefinite strike for the last eight days. The teachers held a press conference at Jamalpur Press Club on Tuesday (November 8) at noon to protest and solve the academic and administrative irregularities, corruption, mismanagement and to demand the removal of the Vice-Chancellor to restore orderly environment in the university.  

In a written speech at the press conference, Assistant Professor and Assistant Proctor Professor Mahmudul Alam said that on November 2, a 10-point memorandum was given to the Vice-Chancellor to protest the academic and administrative irregularities and mismanagement of the university and demand solutions.   

But that day there was no vice-chancellor in the university. Last Sunday, a long four-hour discussion of the teachers was held with the Vice-Chancellor and all concerned.

But till now the authorities have not adopted any short and long term action plan to resolve the demands. Moreover, according to the Vice-Chancellor, the academic and administrative strike of the teachers is of no concern to him, and he is absent from the campus even in this stagnant state of the university.

He also said that the students and teachers are the life of the university. Teachers are busy teaching and researching students. The students were enlightened by the teachers when they came to the campus.

But it is a matter of great regret that the teachers and students of this university established in the name of the consort of the Father of the Nation are being harassed in various ways with various administrative and financial irregularities, mismanagement, corruption, nepotism, arbitrariness. Among the various irregularities and corruption committed on the order of the Vice-Chancellor, such as nepotism in the recruitment process, widespread irregularities in contract-based recruitment, ignoring the government directives to save fuel, illegally allocating university cars for the full-time use of the Vice-Chancellor's family members in Rajshahi, wasting money and fuel. Moreover, many officials are using rented cars at a monthly cost of lakhs of rupees even though they are not authorized.

Ignoring government restrictions, guest houses rented for lakhs of rupees are depriving teachers and using them for personal purposes. More than 1 crore rupees of the university has been fixed deposit in a private bank in Rajshahi. There is no indication of where the annual interest of that money is being spent. 

During the four years of the Vice-Chancellorship, he was absent from the campus for most of the time. It was mentioned in the press conference that he is absent on various important national days. 47 teachers of that educational institution were present in the press conference. They demanded immediate removal of the vice-chancellor.  


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