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That's why Google Play deleted 16 apps

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  • 25 October, 2022 15:39:38

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News Desk: Recently, Google has removed 16 apps from Play Store citing multiple reasons. The company mentioned that the apps consume too much data and charge quickly.

Tech giant Google has also claimed to have found security issues against AppGulo. According to Google, clicking on apps automatically leads to various types of ads. As a result users are misguided.

ARS Technica said in their report that Google removed the apps after they were 'detected' by McAfee. These apps can be downloaded on any Android device. Using them, users used to scan QR codes, use flashlights.

These apps include Busanbus, Joycode, Currency Converter, High Speed ​​Camera, Smart Task Manager, Flashlight Plus, K-Dictionary, Quick Notes, IjetDica, Instagram Profile Downloader and Ijet Notes.

In this regard, it is said from McAfee, once the applications are downloaded and opened, they go to advertisements without any kind of notification. As a result, these apps have been identified as 'fraud'.

A Google spokesperson told ARS Technica that these apps have been completely removed from the Google Play Store.


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