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5 injured in attack and vandalism on dental clinic and food hotel in Ashulia

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  • 01 October, 2022 22:28:49

Photo: CNI

Ashulia (Dhaka) representative: In Ashulia, Dhaka, the opponent attacked and vandalized due to previous enmity with the market owner. Meanwhile, two institutions named Jahan Dental Care and Allah Daan Hotel were attacked and vandalized. 5 people were injured on both sides. In this incident, two complaints have been filed in Ashulia police station. The attack took place at Adarsh ​​Super Market in Ashulia's Jamgra area around 9:30 pm on Friday. Bakul Bhuiya, the owner of Adarsh ​​Super Market, said that there was a dispute with Suman Mir, son of Tamiz Uddin Mir of Jamgra area, due to their previous enmity. Due to this, on Friday night Suman Mir's associates Shaheen, Imran, Ayyub, Rashid and Sohan and 20/25 others attacked his Adarsh ​​supermarket in Jamgara. At that time, Elopathari started beating up the traders of the market. At one stage, Jahan Dental Care on the second floor of the market vandalized the dental chair, Thai glass, AC and signboard and caused a loss of around two lakh rupees. Later they ransacked the Allah Daan Hotel on the same floor and looted Rs 35,000 in cash. Then he went down and hacked the door of a yarn shop with a ram and broke inside. Elopathari started beating his cousin Maruf when he tried to stop him. At one point he stabbed Kup with a knife in his left hand. Besides, a person who came for dental care was injured. When local people came to the spot after receiving the news, the attackers fled. Later, the injured were rescued and treated at a local hospital. Later he filed a written complaint at Ashulia police station in the night making Suman Mir the chief and 5 others as defendants. Meanwhile, accused Suman Mir said that Bakul Bhuya's son Roni and his men cut the Internet line owned by him at different times. When I protested, Roni and his men attacked and injured my employees. Among the injured, Rabbi, Mocha and Chani have been admitted to Dhamrai Upazila Health Complex. Besides, Roni Gongra vandalized four shops including a pharmacy in their market. In this incident, his manager Shaheen filed a written complaint accusing 15 people. Ashulia Police Station OC (Operation) Abdur Rashid said, the matter is being investigated. Legal action will be taken after investigation.

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