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Students protest for bus at Bashefmubiprabi in Jamalpur

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  • 26 September, 2022 19:49:53

Photo: CNI

Md. Imran Mahmud, Jamalpur: Bangmata Sheikh Fazilatunnessa Mujib University of Science and Technology (Bashefmubiprobi) students are protesting because they could not hold classes on time due to bus shortage. On September 26 (Monday) around 9:30 am, a protest was held in front of the administrative building of the university campus. During the protest, University Registrar Syed Farooq Hossain, Management Department Chairman SM Yusuf Ali, CSE Department Chairman Mahbubul Alam Shah assured the administrative officials of providing new buses to the students, after which the general students stopped the protest rally. Students said that the main campus of the university is about 15 km away from Jamalpur city. Most of the students live in Jamalpur city. As a result students travel by only one bus. Around 100 to 150 students try to get to campus against 55 seats when students try to take the bus for classes. Many cannot attend classes and exams on time as they cannot board the bus. Student Sadiqul Islam Shakib said, 'Our university has been established for five years but we have only one bus. The bus we ply has only 55 seats but at the same time 100 to 150 students have to come from Jamalpur. As a result, I can't do exams and classes properly on time. Student Maruf Hossain Mim said, risking his life, he has to come to the campus by bus. Many times we cannot come to the campus without getting a bus. Many people hang on to the bus and there is a risk of accidents. Syed Farooq Hossain, registrar of the university, said that a new bus will arrive in the university by October 15.

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